viernes, 21 de diciembre de 2007

Leona Lewis

Hi Guys
Sorry it’s been a while since I updated you all.
I just want to say again the biggest thankyou to everyone for all your support , I hope you are enjoying the music!
To celebrate the success of the album, I was given a surprise presentation disc at my record company along with some beautiful flowers and a gorgeous Stella bag (Thank you again!!) It was really nice to meet everyone who works at the label, and also Simon was there so we got to catch up.
I was also given a certificate from the Guiness Book of Records, for Bleeding Love being 2007’s biggest single, which was so exciting!
I’ve just got back from New York where I’ve been really busy getting ready preparing to release the album in the USA the New Year. I had lots of fun and did a bit too much shopping too - ooops!
It snowed whilst I was there which was so beautiful.
Not long now until Christmas everyone! Its one of my favourite times of year and I cant wait to watch Christmas movies, eat lots and be with my family!
Ok, I’ll pop back in soon but keep checking back until then.
Thanks again for all your support.

Leona Lewis is a very talented lady . she was the winner of last years x-factor she had her most resend CD out this month the name of it is spirit it has all her most loved songs on it ,it has hr number 1 hit bleeding love on it . she loves to sing to everyone and always appreciates all the effort that has gone in to making the CD and as well as all the seaport she had all the way thru the x-factor she was the star of the show and went striate to number 1 on the charts. Leona

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